Hong Leong MSIG TakafulHong Leong MSIG TakafulHong Leong MSIG Takaful

Our Aspiration

Our Vision

To be the preferred Takaful provider.

Our Mission

Reach out to more Malaysians with attractive Takaful products.

Our Values

To consistently provide goods and services of the highest quality at competitive prices
“Success is the bequest of hard work. The root cause of prosperity will be our dynamic efforts to sustain the Group to be at the lowest cost and the highest quality.”

To pursue management vision and foster entrepreneurship
“People say that a business man is born, but in Hong Leong, we believe that a businessman can be trained. In this Group, from what we have seen through experience, we are convinced that business acumen can be grafted – provided the aggregates of interest, will and conviction exists.”

To nurture and be committed to innovation
“The Profit is the essence of Performance. Complacency is the enemy of hard work. Innovation is the difference between Competence and Excellence.”

To conduct business with honour
“In Hong Leong, we should not simply just settle for an “organization”. We need a shared value to bind us – pride in association, passion in belonging and dignity in all our endeavors.”

Human Resources
To enhance the quality of human resources as the essence of management excellence
“A company is not an organisation. It takes people to transform a company into an organisation. The sum total of the staff is the Group’s strength. Their contribution is the Group’s results.”

To ensure oneness in purpose, harmony and friendship in the pursuit of prosperity for all
“The Hong Leong Group is built upon Teamwork. Teamwork is your unselfish commitment to your colleagues; your understanding of them, your genuine sense of involvement and indulgence, and a committed sense of belonging within the Hong Leong Group.”

To improve existing operations and to position for expansion and new opportunities
“Competition is never static. It means we cannot be complacent.”

Social Responsibility
To create wealth for the betterment of society
“We should be mindful that we avoid building a Group whose total concentration is to make profit – devoid of human touch and excitement. The Group has long been committed to a policy of social responsibility by striving for the betterment of society and holds strongly the belief that an organization does not detach itself from its social responsibilities.”

Fathonah - Wisdom
To think ahead, armed with knowledge, skills and judgement to execute wise business decision
“We constantly strive for rapid, continuous improvement. We are energised by change and unceasingly thinking ahead, using and increasing our knowledge and skills to better serve our customers and improve business value.”

Amanah - Trustworthiness
To maintain trust and mutual respect through assurance
“We conduct our takaful business with honesty and integrity, knowing we are accountable for doing the right thing. We gain trust and provide assurance by continuously delivering outstanding services and performance.”

Siddiq - Truthfulness
To be honest and ethical in all our dealings, with full compliance and professionalism
“We are honest and sincere. We maintain highest standard of professionalism and ethical practices while relying, trusting, respecting and empowering each other. We maintain open and effective communication channels."

Tabligh - Propagation of Good Values
To continuously convey good values and nurture each other
“We believe in sharing goodness. We have the courage and we guide each other towards excellence and lifelong learning. We maintain high qualities while treating others with dignity and respect. We consider other’s viewpoints and celebrate differences.”

Level 5, Tower B, PJ City Development,
No.15A, Jalan 219, Seksyen 51A,
46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: (603) 7650 1800
Fax: (603) 7620 6730