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Takaful Senior Kasih PA


Takaful Senior Kasih PA
Provides the financial solution to protect your savings to cover rising medical costs and give you peace of mind to enjoy the best years of your life.

This plan provides a unique protection solution for members who are 45 years of age and renewable to a 100 years old. Sudden expenses due to accidents or the ever-present threat of snatch theft or ATM withdrawals by extortion may use up our hard-earned savings and our retirement funds might be affected. SeniorKasih PA is specially designed as a living benefit for senior citizens, as it focuses on high coverage for medical, disability, nursing and recovery benefits.

This product is only available through telemarketing.

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Read this Product Disclosure Sheet on Takaful SeniorKasih Personal Accident. Be sure to also read the general terms and conditions.

What is this product about?

The Takaful Operator will pay the Benefit if during the period of Takaful the Participant sustains Bodily Injury caused solely and directly by accident, which results in Death, Permanent Disablement or Hospital Confinement subject to the terms and conditions of the Master Certificate.

What are the Shariah concepts applicable?
Takaful is a concept of mutual guarantee which is in compliance with Shariah principles. Contributions collected from participants are pooled together to provide for the benefits in the event of losses suffered by any of its members or participants. Hong Leong MSIG Takaful (HLM Takaful) as a Takaful operator is entrusted to properly manage this mutual fund.
Iltizam bi Al-Tabarru’ 
This product applies the Iltizam bi Al-Tabarru’ concept, whereby any Tabarru’ (donation) by the Participant into the general takaful fund shall constitute a commitment made by the Participant.The actual Tabarru’ (donation) is deemed to have only occurred upon payment of any claims by eligible participants of the General Takaful Fund and claims-related costs. 
This product applies the Tabarru’ concept, whereby the Participant agrees to pay their Contribution to the general takaful fund for the purpose of mutual financial assistance among Participants of the takaful fund as per Certificate contract.
This product also applies the Wakalah concept, whereby the Participants appoint the Takaful Operator to act on their behalf to invest and manage the takaful fund. As an agent, the Takaful Operator is entitled to receive a Wakalah Fee.
Jua’lah means an agreement in which the Participant promises to reward the Operator for its achievement or good performance in managing the General Takaful Fund that leads to surplus to the fund.
Qardh Hasan
Qardh Hasan means an interest-free financing provided by the Operator in the event of deficit in the general takaful fund.
Distribution of surplus
Any surplus (i.e. Gross Contribution (net of Wakalah Fee), exceeding claims, claims-related expenses, Retakaful, Reserves and other deductions as endorsed by the management and Shariah Committee of the Takaful Operator) from the General Takaful Fund may be distributed between eligible Participants and the Takaful Operator on 50:50 ratio based on Ju’alah.
What are the covers/benefits provided?


  • Section 1 – Medical Benefits
  • Section 2 - Permanent Disability Benefit (including Badal Haji, Waqf & Qurban)
  • Section 3 – Compassionate Benefit (due to Accidental Death)
  • Section 4 – Ambulance Fee
  • Section 5 – Personal Liability
  • Section 6 – Personal Misfortune Benefit

Additional services are:

  • Badal Haji
  • Waqf
  • Qurban
The services of Badal Haji, Waqf and Qurban i.e. under Sections 2 and 5 are applicable for Muslim participants who have requested and sent their Additional Services Form to HLMT.

Note :
Please refer to the scale of benefits for permanent disability in the Master Contract.

How much contribution do I have to pay?

The total contribution that you have to pay depends on the scheme and plan you have selected (Please refer to Master Contract)
Scheme : *Individual/ Individual & Spouse
Plan : *Gold /Diamond / Platinum
Payment of contribution: *Monthly / Annual

For example, if you choose to cover yourself (Individual) with the Diamond Plan and contribute on a monthly basis, the gross contribution, which includes the commission to takaful intermediaries, will be RM35 per month.

*whichever is not applicable
What are the fees and charges I have to pay?
What you have to pay in addition to the contribution Amount
Service tax (if any) N/A
Stamp Duty N/A
What is included in the contribution Amount
Wakalah fees 35% of contribution
Commissions paid to the takaful intermediaries (if any) 15% of contribution
What are some of the key terms and conditions I should be aware of?
  • Age limit: between 45 years old and 71 years old at the time of issuance of takaful Certificate. Once cover is taken, the participant may renew the certificate till he is 100 years old.
  • Eligible Participant: A Participant who is forty-five (45) years old or above and under seventy-one (71) years of age, in good health and free from physical deformity, or nervous disorder, osteoporosis, bone disease and pathological fracture (fracture of a bone weakened by the disease) at the time of signing the proposal.
  • We will not be liable for the same claim under more than one takaful Certificate for the same Covered Person relating to the same Period of Cover issued by us or our authorized agents.
  • Upon enrolment, a change of plans will not be available.

Individual Plan

  • You, or any one eligible person as defined in the certificate.

Individual & Spouse Plan

  • You and your legal spouse (one).

Importance of Disclosure

  • You must disclose all material facts that you know or ought to know; otherwise your contract may be invalidated.

Cash Before Cover

  • It is a fundamental and absolute Special Condition of this contract of Takaful that the Contribution due must be paid and received by the Takaful Operator before Takaful cover is effective.
This list is not exhaustive. Please refer to the Master Certificate - for the full list of terms and conditions under this certificate.
What are some of the major exclusions I should be aware of?

This contract does not cover death or injury caused by or due to:

  • War Risk
  • Suicide and insanity
  • Self inflicted injury
  • Influenced by drugs, liquor and narcotics
  • HIV/AIDS or any other venereal disease
  • Provoked murder or assault
  • Childbirth, pregnancy and miscarriage
  • Any pre-existing physical or mental defect or infirmity
  • Whilst traveling in an aircraft as a member of the crew other than as a fare-paying passenger in an aircraft licensed for passenger service
  • Whilst engaging in naval, military and/or air force services or operations
  • Involvement in unlawful activities
  • Hazardous sports

Note :
This list is non-exhaustive. Please refer to the Master Certificate for the full list of exclusions under this certificate.

Can I cancel my certificate?

You may cancel your certificate by giving written notice to us. However, there will be no refund of contribution allowed where contribution is paid on a monthly mode.

For contribution paid on an annual basis, a refund is allowed after we retain the customary short period contribution for the time the Certificate has been in force, subject to a minimum contribution of RM60 retained by Us. If a claim has been made under the certificate, no refund will be allowed.

What should I do if there are changes to my contact details?

It is important that you inform us of any change in your contact details to ensure that all correspondences reach you in a timely manner.

Where can I get further information?

Should you require additional information about our Personal Accident takaful, please refer to the insuranceinfo booklet on 'Personal Accident Takaful', available at all our branches or you can obtain a copy from your takaful intermediary or visit www.insuranceinfo.com.my

If you require further information on our Takaful SeniorKasih Personal Accident, or or any other types of takaful product, you can contact us or any of our branches or your takaful intermediary or visit our website at www.hlmsigtakaful.com.my

Hong Leong MSIG Takaful Berhad
Level 5, Tower B, PJ City Development
No. 15A, Jalan 219, Seksyen 51A
46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Telephone: +603 7650 1800
Fax : +603 7620 6730

Other types of Personal Accident takaful available?

Please ask the takaful operator / intermediary for other similar types of plans offered by the takaful operator.



This information provided in this disclosure sheet is valid as at 1/07/2014

Which Takaful company is offering this plan?

This plan is issued by Hong Leong MSIG Takaful Berhad.

Can you tell me something about the Takaful operator?

Hong Leong MSIG Takaful (HLM Takaful) is a joint-venture of Hong Leong Financial Group Malaysia, a reputable integrated financial services group and Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co Ltd (MSI), a member of MS & AD Insurance Group, one of the world's largest insurance company in offering innovative and competitive Shariah-compliant financial solutions within the Takaful industry.

Will I be covered wherever I am?

Yes. You'll have full protection anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day

Can I continue my coverage after 70 years of age?

Once cover is taken before the age of 71 (next birthday), renewal is up to 100 years old.

If I wish to increase my coverage at a later date, is that possible?

Unfortunately,not. It is wise for you to choose the highest plan now because you will enjoy the highest benefit at a discounted contribution.

Can my Spouse be covered, too?

Yes, if your spouse is aged 45 to 71. And when you cover your spouse, this Takaful cover will pay the benefit for each participant under the Plan. And you will enjoy a reduction if you and your spouse enrol in this takaful plan together.

Can I also enrol both my 1st and 2nd Spouses into this plan?

Spouse enrolment is valid for one legally married spouse. For your 2nd spouse, you will have to take a separate new takaful plan.

Overseas coverage means worldwide coverage?

This Takaful plan covers you anywhere in the world, outside of Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

Isn't coverage like this expensive?

Quite the contrary, this Plan was designed with affordability in mind. It is better to be protected to help you cope with other expenses when untimely accidents occur.

What benefits are payable under this plan?

This plan offers:

  • Accident Medical benefits due to snatch theft
  • Permanent Disablement benefits
  • Double Permanent Disablement benefits due to accident whilst traveling in public transport overseas (outside Malaysia, Brunei & Singapore)
  • Accidental Death benefits
  • Daily Hospital accidental cash benefit up to 100 days
  • Nursing care allowance up to 30 days
  • Family Cash Allowance for ICU admission
  • Purchase of orthopedic equipment
  • For Muslims, option available for Badal Haji, Waqf and Qurban Benefit covered for Permanent Disablement and accidental death
  • Personal liability protection
  • Ambulance fee
  • Personal Misfortune benefits ATM withdrawal extortion and replacement of documents due to snatch theft

All these at an affordable monthly contribution with no medical examination. The benefits are subject to the Certificate wordings and the sum covered may differ according to the various plans.

For more information :
Please contact HLMT directly at (603) 7650 1800 or
Email us at ReachUs@takaful.hongleong.com.my

For claims enquiry :
Email us at hlmtclaims@takaful.hongleong.com.my

Level 5, Tower B, PJ City Development,
No.15A, Jalan 219, Seksyen 51A,
46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: (603) 7650 1800
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