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HLMT Fire Takaful

Comprehensive Cover
We provide standard insurance cover (per Malaysian Motor Tariff) against damage to your own vehicle and/or your liabilities to third parties as a result of a motor accident depending on the type of cover you select.

Windscreen Cover
This benefit is provided as an extension to the standard motor policy and is available only for comprehensive cover. By extending this cover to your comprehensive motor policy, in the event of windscreen claim, you will not be subjected to excess and your No Claim Bonus(NCB) will not be forfeited. Additional premium is charged.

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Own Damage Claim
  • Report Form duly completed
  • Copy of registration card
  • Copy of insured's NRIC and driving license
  • Copy of driver's NRIC and driving license
  • Certified copy of police report
  • Copy of road tax
  • Estimate of repairs
  • Photographs taken at the scene of accident
Own Damage - ODKFK Claim

All Own Damage claim documents plus:

  • Declaration form duly signed
  • Copy of third party's police report
  • Copy of police investigation result
  • Copy of police sketch plan & key
  • Third party's vehicle policy details or the RIMV search
Windscreen Claim
  • Duly completed Claim Form
  • Photographs showing the damaged windscreen (before and after repairs) with at least one showing clearly the brand logo.
  • Original invoice (with breakdown of repairs) and official receipt from workshop
  • Original invoice for tinting (both old and new) plus a photograph showing the tinted film being peeled off from the damaged glass (if applicable)
Theft Claim
  • Report Form duly completed
  • Copy of insured's NRIC and driving license
  • Copy of driver's NRIC and driving license
  • Original police report
  • Copy of registration card
  • Copy of hire purchase agreement, if applicable
  • Original Policy Schedule
  • Original Certificate of Insurance

For more information :
Please contact HLMT directly at (603) 7650 1800 or
Email us at ReachUs@takaful.hongleong.com.my

For claims enquiry :
Email us at hlmtclaims@takaful.hongleong.com.my

1) What is Motor Takaful Liberalisation?

Motor Takaful Liberalisation means with effect from 1 July 2017, the price of Motor Takaful will no longer be based on Motor Tariff (a set of fixed price list) for Motor Comprehensive cover and Motor Third Party, Fire and Theft cover.

However, do note that Motor Third Party cover will continue to be subject to the Motor Tariff rates.

2) How is Takaful contribution calculated today?

Takaful contribution today may be calculated based on, but not limited, sum covered of you vehicle, capacity of you vehicle, region of vehicle use, age of the driver and the number of accidents on record. Takaful Operators may include other factors than above in the future to price new Motor Takaful products.

Depending on the driver’s claims history, the calculated contribution to be paid is adjusted against the discount (No Claim Discount or NCD). Typically, drivers with good driving records can enjoy a higher percentage of NCD up to 55%.

However, with the Liberalisation in place, you may receive varying contribution when quoting from different Takaful Operators despite having the same risk profile.

3) Will there be any change in claims procedures?

There will be no change in our claims procedures as we continue to extend our service to you. You may referred Certificate issued to you for the existing claim procedure.

4) When and how will it be implemented?

The Phased Liberalisation of the Motor Tariff will be implemented in a phased approach to allow time for consumers and industry to adjust to the new operating environment.

In the first phase, starting 1 July 2016, Takaful Operators progressively offers new products to the consumers at market rates. Existing Motor Comprehensive cover, Motor Third Party Fire and Theft cover and Motor Third Party cover was continued to be made available.

Starting 1 July 2017, contribution rates for Motor Comprehensive cover and Motor Third Party Fire and Theft cover was liberalised.

In parallel, a more gradual upward adjustment similar in quantum to the adjustments of Motor Tariff made from 2012 to 2015 under the framework will be made for some vehicle classes under Motor Third Party cover which remain substantially under-priced (for every ringgit of contribution received, Takaful Operators are paying between RM1.30 to RM3.00 in claims). This is to avoid sharp upward contribution rates adjustments if this class of cover is immediately liberalised.

5) What are the benefits to me as a consumer?

As a consumer, you can expect a wider range of Motor Takaful products to cater for your lifestyle needs, along with preferred channels to renew Motor protection and higher quality of services provided by agents.

Contribution charged on Motor products will also vary from one Takaful Operator to another based on their pricing methodologies.

Over time, it is expected that contribution rates for Motor products will be adjusted and reflected the underlying risk proportionately, thus allowing vehicle owners with low risk profiles to be charged lower contribution rates.

(Note: A risk profile is an analysis of whether a pool of consumers presents a high or low risk, based on certain factors.)

6) What should I be looking for when subscribing to Takaful cover in a liberalised market?

Motor Takaful/Insurance is a mandatory protection. You are advised to ensure that yourself and your vehicle are adequately protected. It is important for you to shop around and make comparison for level of coverage that suits your needs as well as the competitiveness of the contribution rates. Also, contribution rate should not be the sole determining factor when subscribing to a Takaful product. Customer service standards, claims handling and the track record of Takaful Operators are some of the important factors that should also be taken into consideration.

7) What percentage increase can I expect on my Motor Takaful contribution?

This may differ from one Takaful Operator to another. You should shop around for the Motor Takaful that best meets your needs.

8) I have just renewed my Motor Takaful on 1 June 2017. Can I still subscribe to optional benefits now to enhance my Motor Takaful protection?

Yes, you can still subscribe to optional benefits to enhance the protection for the same motor vehicle.

Alternatively, you also have the choice to subscribe to a new Motor Takaful coverage that meet your needs, effectively replacing the existing Motor Takaful coverage for the remaining coverage period. Before terminating your existing Motor Takaful coverage, please contact your agent representing your Takaful Operator to find out the pro-rated amount of the contribution paid which will be refunded to you by your for this option to replace.

Do make informed decisions by shopping with multiple agents and Takaful Operators through their call centres or online channels before you choose to subscribe to a specific Motor Takaful.

9) Will the No Claim Discount (NCD) still be maintained after Liberalisation?

The NCD structure will remain unchanged and will continue to be transferable from one Takaful Operators to another in the event when you are switching your Takaful Operator.

10) Who shall I contact if I have further enquiries on the Motor Detariffication?

Should you have any enquiries or require further clarification, you may contact your current agent or the following parties for more information:

  • Hong Leong MSIG Takaful Berhad at 03-7650 1800 (email: ReachUs@takaful.hongleong.com.my);
    Level 5, Tower B, PJ City Development,
    No. 15A, Jalan 219, Seksyen 51A,
    46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
  • Malaysia Takaful Association (MTA) at 03-2031 8160;
  • Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM) at 03-2274 7399; or
  • BNM TELELINK at 1-300 88 5465;


For a Motor Takaful quotation, kindly email us the following information:
To ReachUs@takaful.hongleong.com.my

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Your request is important to us. For underwriting consideration, our officer may contact you to request for additional information in order to serve you with a more accurate quotation. Your request will be processed within 24 hours.

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